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HTTP full form is "Hypertext Transfer Protocol", and HTTP code is a response status code of the Website page after you request browser to open webpage. It is usually in 3 Number format like, HTTP 200 response code, HTTP 404 response code etc.

The HTTP code is very useful for SEO purpose as it will give you the status of the webpage whether the request is Successful, Client error, Server error, any permanent redirect, temporary redirect etc.
An HTTP Status Checker is a tool used to determine the HTTP status code of a website or webpage. HTTP status codes are three-digit codes that indicate the response of the server to a request. They provide valuable information about the state of the website or webpage, such as whether it is accessible, has been moved, or is experiencing an error.
Here are some features of an HTTP Status Checker:
Checks single or multiple URLs: You can enter one URL at a time or paste a list of URLs to check their status codes simultaneously.
Provides detailed information: In addition to the status code, the checker may also display the response headers, content type, and response time.
Identifies redirects: The checker can detect and follow redirects, displaying the final destination URL and the status code of each redirect.
Supports multiple protocols: Many checkers work with both HTTP and HTTPS protocols.
Free to use: There are many free HTTP Status Checkers available online.

Here are some benefits of using an HTTP Status Checker:
Troubleshooting website issues: By checking the status code of a URL, you can quickly identify whether the website is experiencing any errors.
Monitoring website performance: HTTP status codes can provide insight into the health and performance of your website.
Improving SEO: Search engines consider website status codes when ranking websites in search results.
Verifying link quality: By checking the status code of a link, you can ensure that it is pointing to a valid and active URL. Overall, an HTTP Status Checker is a valuable tool for website owners, webmasters, and SEO professionals. It provides a quick and easy way to check the status of websites and webpages, identify errors, and monitor website performance.

There are more than 50 HTTP Status code exist. I have listed out some of the major HTTP Status code that you should watch and consider for your onpage SEO activity.

1) HTTP Response code 200 : Successful server response, that means Website is Online and available.

2) HTTP Response code 301 : URL moved permanently, For example if web master feels URL not in proper standard, they may move to a new SEO User friendly URL.

3) HTTP Response code 307 : Temporary redirect of original URL in request, for example HTTP page redirected to HTTPS page, or non-WWW redirected to WWW page.

4) HTTP Response code 308 : Permanent redirect of original URL in request, this is mostly same as 307, however in this case it is Permanent. All future request will go to this URL.

5) HTTP Response code 400 : Bad request, you have hit URL that not exist at all in the server.

6) HTTP Response code 401 : Webmaster retricted you to access this Webpage, because of security reason, it is same as HTTP Status 403.

7) HTTP Response code 404 : The requested resource (It can be File, Image, Document, Source code like PHP, ASPX source code) could not be found in the Server, however it may be available in the future if Website owner can fix the 404 issue.

You can use our Free SEO tool to check HTTP Status code in Bulk for FREE of any Website page. It will list out "Final HTTP status Code" whether URL is reachable or not, like "404" or "200" status code.

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